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Our Future

After 5 years of successfully growing our initiative, we are now looking to invest in our own space. This space would act as a community center to help aid both women who have formally sought refuge as well as locals build their social and professional network and skill base.

What we want to do:

Increase our capacity, reach and impact by offering women a safe, mutually supportive space.  We want to build a diverse community that respects their differences and celebrates each other's unique cultures and arts. A space in which women would not only interact socially, but one that would encourage the professional development of women. Initiatives will include language lessons, cooking courses, cultural events and support for women wishing to start small businesses.

What we need:

A permanent space of our own. Preferably with: one large room for events I.e. dinner parties, art exhibitions, classes, lectures, etc. A second room for smaller events, classes, one on one tutoring, meetings. etc. A relatively large kitchen for preparation for dinners, cooking classes, etc. Best case - a small office space or a room that can be locked so as to keep anything valuable stored away. Centrally located, near public transportation.

For now:

At the moment funding would go into renting a temporary space that we could use for all events. Through a more “reliable” space, we could extend the number and type of events that we host. The temporary space would act as an interim allowing us to better assess the type of space, size and utilities that we will require for our own long term goals.

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